5 Android P Features That You Would Love to Try

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After lots of waiting, Android P is finally available as a beta. Currently, the beta preview for Android P is available for Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone[10], Nokia 7 plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ2, Vivo X21UD, Vivo X21, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. If you are owning any of above-mentioned smartphone then immediately download the beta version. Till then have a look at 5 Android P features that you would love to try.


Top 5 Android P Features

1. New Navigation

Currently, most of the Android smartphones have three digital buttons (Back, Main Menu and Overview) at the bottom of the screen. This buttons usually are for navigating the user interface.

Now get ready to navigate things just using one button only as all upcoming Android smartphone will have only one button. All thanks to Android P update which let the user control things with a single button.

Android P comes with major gestures updates. So in order to view recent apps, go back and select apps from the app drawer, all you need to use is a gesture.

2. Smart Settings

Quickly draining battery is one of the biggest problems of Android smartphones and no need to say that every new update of Android comes with a solution for the battery problem. Android version gradually improved when it comes to battery management and there is no surprise that this time again they have something better to save battery.

Android P features smarter settings which keep learning how you are adjusting settings like brightness, sound, moreover which app you use more frequently etc.

Android P will automatically tune the settings in order to get maximum from battery power.

3. Smart App Recommendations

As Android P keep learning from your routine smartphone activities over the time. It will note down the basic things which you generally take with a specific contact or app. After learning it will start displaying shortcuts for the task which you obviously want to perform.

Say you are chatting with a specific person around a specific day or specific time, App Actions will simply add a shortcut for the person within the app drawer.

4. Wellbeing features

Can you imagine Facebook will announce something like “Don’t waste your time using Facebook, start working”? Well sounds funny but it is a fact that company or product will say to its user that our product is time wasting, don’t use it. After all, they are generating money from it, right?

Now coming to Google whose one of the major sources of income and the important product is Android is coming up with a wellbeing program. So what it is?

Well with the help of the wellbeing program Google is trying to tackle smartphone addiction problem. Yes, with the latest Android P company is planning to encourage users to use less smartphone.

Android P comes with advanced dashboard that has a detailed information about things like how many times you’ve unlocked your smartphone, time spent on apps, number of notification you read in a day and more.

If it sounds interesting to you then wait Android P features some more amazing things. It will come with an app timer which let you set time for particular time. Apart from it, there is a wind-down mode that simply turns your screen display into colourless or black and white. According to company lack of colour will discourage you from using a smartphone.

Android P also features advance Do Not Disturb. As soon you place your phone on any flat surface with a display down it will automatically activate Do Not Disturb mode.

5. Advance Screenshots

If you always want to do more with screenshots then here is what you are looking for. Android P update let you do more with screenshots.

After taking screenshots you will have an option to annotate and share it with your friends without taking help of any third party software.

So how was the Android P features? I know you can’t wait to use them, right? If you don’t have any of above-listed smartphones then your question might be when will I get the latest update? Well, I can’t tell you anything about it as it solely depends on the manufacturer of your smartphone when will they roll out the update.



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