Aston Martin’s F1 Car For Road

Posted on by Bunty

We’re all into the picture that Aston Martin comes out with very exclusive cars only. And why shouldn’t we be, because that’s what it does. But this time, Aston Martin has had us for a surprise.

Aston Martin is all done with manufacturing its new car, called Nebula also known as AM-RB 001, however neither of the names are official yet.  The car is still very much supposed to be surrounded in secrecy and even the people involved in producing it, did not have the complete idea about how it was going to look. The car is aimed at challenging other big names in the industry such as Ferrari, Bugatti etc.

The car Nebula is a hyper car. But what makes it so? To start with the car was laid hands on by the very famous Adrian Newey, who is Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 designer and engineer.  The car was to be kept light, under 1000 kg, with about 1000 hp, to maintain the power-weight ratio.

The car’s looks too are just as appealing as it features sound like. Looking at it, you’ll find your eyes glued to its shiny body for a while. Andy Palmer, CEO Aston Martin, said that although the car can fill up very well for an F1 car, but is essentially a car meant to hit the roads. With 2 seats inside and the usual air conditioning and infotainment system.

The car has a powerful V12 engine with no turbos or anything of that sort. With a price tag of 2-3 million pounds, you can have this car by 2019.



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