Bad Boys 4, Will Smith starrer pushed to May 2019

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Last time we saw Will Smith and Martin Lawrence together was in 2003. The duo starred in the hit Bad Boys franchise. Now the creators are bringing the hit pair back. Moreover, the third installment is already planned by Sony. The creators have made way for the fourth installment as well. This means Bad Boys 4 is in pipeline. Previous Bad Boys II was directed by famous director Michael Bay. It’s been years since the new movie remained in production. But now it appears like the studios have laid the track for the next two installments.

Bad Boys 4 gets a new release date

Bad Boys

Screenwriter and director Joe Carnahan shall be supervising the new Bad Boys 4. Sony previously planned a release date of July 3, 2019. Apart from that, the studios have decided that the date will be given to another movie. The franchise which is getting the date is Spiderman: Homecoming sequel. This doesn’t mean that Bad Boys franchise is abandoned. In fact, the producers have shifted the date upwards in the same year.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to feature once again

Bad Boys

According to Deadline, Sony has released an official date for Spiderman’s sequel. Besides this, Deadline itself confirmed that Bad Boys 4 has been modified to floor the theaters. This schedule will clash with Warner Bros. live-action movie Minecraft. Bad Boys 4 and Minecraft are the only two movies which will release on that weekend. Director Joe Carnahan has handled Bad Boys movie in a safe way. It would be unbelievable to imagine Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys franchise.

Joe Carnahan to direct the new Bad Boys movie

Joe Carnahan

Carnahan so far hasn’t stated that he will be directing Bad Boys 4. Currently, he is working on the third installment. He is more focused on the third installment and is less interested in the franchise reboot. Although, Joe has not revealed anything about the fourth installment, but Sony is clear about the next one. If the studio plans to bring another one, then Joe might once again wear the director’s hat. Joe has given several hits like A-Team, Smokin Aces, and The Grey. He has another plan as well for a new movie in form of the assassin thriller, five against a Bullet.

Martin Lawrence recently revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live about the filming of the movie in 2017. What is more, Sony may come up with Bad Boys 4. Bad Boys 4 was previously scheduled for July 3, 2019. But Spiderman Homecoming sequel was handed over that date.

Now the new date has been fixed. So, Bad Boys 4 will hit the screens on May 24, 2019.



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