Google’s self-driving car and its new legal lead

Posted on by Bunty

Google is known for its amazing products and services. Also, the projects it has been taking up seems revolutionary and can be the transforming force. One such project is its self-driving car. The project seems to be moving closer to becoming an independent business. According to the news feed on Recode, the autonomous vehicle company under Alphabet has hired The Climate Corporation Chief legal officer, Kevin Vosen as its attorney.

The product is still under the experimental blanket in Google’s lab, X but this addition to the company indicates progress toward becoming an individual. Google might be taking cautious measures, learning from the Tesla’s incident with its autopilot.

An addition of lawyers like Vosen might help the company to pass through the regulations set up by the legislation for manufacturers developing autonomous vehicle and related technologies. Looking into Vosen’s history at the Climate Corporation’s Compliance and Government Relations, he might be a valuable asset. Climate’s CEO and Co-founder, David Friedberg has also been part of Google for a while and worked for its Corporate Development and Product management sector. David being the chairman of Metromile, an auto insurance company; there is a hint of something bigger is being planned here. This connection might not just be a hiring but part of a plan.

The autonomous division preparing their legal force came shortly after the hiring of Tim Papandreou, former head of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s office of innovation. It seems that the team does not want to take any chances, suiting up with the legal shield.



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