Importance of Curriculum Development in Enhancing Teaching and Learning

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A curriculum is a school program which comprises skills, knowledge and learning experiences offered to students. Curriculum also includes other activities such as student clubs and sports.

What are standards and how are they developed?

Standards refer to written guidelines indicating what teachers should teach the students as well as the roles and responsibilities of students in school. Standards are developed by focusing on the educational goals of each state. Teachers also participate in developing standards by listing educational goals of the students.

How is a standards-based curriculum different from a traditional curriculum?

Standards-based curriculum differs from a traditional curriculum because it focuses on identifying and developing knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will lead the students to achieve the goals indicated in the learning standards of each state. This is unlike the traditional curriculum which only focused on developing skills and competence for students involved in specific sports or activities. Therefore it was not goal driven as in the case of a standards-based curriculum. Also, unlike the traditional curriculum, the standards-based curriculum incorporates curricular assessments to enable students to track their success. Teachers also benefit from curricula assessments because they can determine whether the curriculum makes the students meet the required standards.

Be familiar with the process and goals involved in developing a standards-based curriculum.

The process of developing a standards-based curriculum involves recognition of the dispositions, knowledge, and skills that a student should possess to meet the required standards.  In this way, education stakeholders choose a curriculum that will drive the student to achieve the standards. This implies that the process of developing a standards-based curriculum begins by setting the intended standards and then designing a curriculum in line with the standards.

In developing a standards-based curriculum, the stakeholders must focus on activities that will lead towards achievement of educational standards of the state. They should also consider appropriate time allocation for each activity to make sure that the content covered in a certain time period meets the standards.

What is the process of backward design?

The process of backward design is one which requires curriculum developers to look back at the graduates and identify skill gaps. Doing this, the education stakeholders design standards that will ensure that students develop new skills which are highly demanded in the society. For instance, during the development of a standard based curriculum, the states noted that business leaders complained that the available graduates did not have sufficient skills to enable them to push to necessary success. It is through his observation that curriculum developers embraced the backward design with the aim of addressing the future skills gap. Therefore, the backward design is a vital component of developing educational standards as well as standards-based curriculum in each state.

Be familiar with the factors that influence standards during curriculum development.

The factors that influence standard during curriculum development include accessibility, choice, societal interests, time accountability and mobility. The societal interests have influenced the inclusion of sports and activities such as inline skating and pickle ball into the standard based curriculum. In the past these, two sports were recognized as after school or weekend activities. The standard based curriculum focuses on building the basic skills of physical education in the children as they learn other activities for adulthood. Mobility influences curriculum development because it leads to interaction of people from different cultural backgrounds. In considering the movement of people in different geographical areas, education stakeholders design diverse curricula to accommodate changes in the living environment as a result of movements. 

Accessibility of the physical activity centers creates the need for a curricula that has a conceptual learning and one which allows the youth with skills to stay physically well in their lifespan. Choice is another factor that influences curriculum development. Although people understand that physical activity is vital for a physically active lifestyle, there are those that house a sedentary lifestyle. This means that there is a need for a curricular that helps the children and youth to choose a physically active lifestyle. Time is precious and greatly influences curriculum development in schools. In states where they do not value physical education, curriculum stakeholders’ cut time scheduled for physical education to spend on subjects that are tested at the end of the course. 

Know and be able to discuss my assessment is important to standards-based curriculums.

Assessments are crucial in standards based curricular because they guide the students in tracking their success. Through curriculum assessment, teachers can establish whether they are able to make the students meet the standards as per the current curriculum. If the teachers find out that the students are failing to meet the standards, they will then determine the reasons causing the problems and make necessary recommendations.

What factors impact activity selection?

One of the factors that impact activity selection is their individual contribution to fitness. Secondly, activity selection depends on its impact on the overall education of a child. Another factor that affects activity selection is the preference of the students. Teachers understand that students are not alike. Some students may like activities like aesthetics while others are interested in backpacking. Also, choice of an activity depends on geographical regions.  For instance, people in North Carolina like to go clogging on a regular basis. This is unlike for the people in upstate New York who prefer activities such as ice hockey.

Conclusion and solutions

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