Will Live Sports Return In The Near Future?

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Since the beginning of March this year, the picture of sports in the world has drastically changed. It all happened suddenly and there was nothing that could have been done to turn the situation around. Huge and expensive contests were canceled or postponed, players were not able to travel, stadiums were empty and the financial losses shook the entire industry. There has been a lot of speculation on when the sports will come to life again, and experts in this field have tried to create perfect conditions under which games can be played live with or without the audience. 


Basketball fans will be thrilled to hear that, after a lot of hard work, the NBA and National Basketball Players Association created a comprehensive draft with safety and health guidelines, and the return of NBA is scheduled for July 30. The return of the most popular basketball contest will occur with twenty-two teams, eager to continue the season. Following the protocols which address safety issues due to coronavirus pandemic will be very important, and the comeback will also include a huge effort for promoting racial equality.


According to the latest news, it’s still not the right time for resuming Indian cricket. There is no firm information, but a couple of months will surely have to pass until this sport is back on the track in India. When it comes to other countries, the situation looks much better.  The national teams of Sri Lanka, England and Australia are back in training under strict protocol regarding health and safety. In accordance with the guidance from the Government of India, State Governments, and other State Regulatory bodies, IPL 2020 is postponed until further notice.


The attempts to return to the MLB 2020 league were successful and after creating a comprehensive 67-page draft, baseball players will be back on the field. The season was cut short because of the coronavirus outbreak, and each team will play sixty season games. The first game will occur on July 23 and the last will be played on September 27. Postseason tournaments are scheduled for September 29. It’s still early to predict whether some significant changes will happen until then, but it’s possible that the spectators will be present in the stadiums.


NHL is the biggest competition in hockey, and just like any other huge event, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The return of this sport is coming very soon but it will be behind closed doors. The real challenge is playing without the crowd cheering and sending positive energy and good vibes to the players. When the tournaments start, on August 2, players will have to create the atmosphere by themselves and it won’t be easy. 

Unfortunately, the situation is so unpredictable, that any decision made today can easily be changed tomorrow. One thing is for sure, the health always comes first, and jeopardizing it should not be an option, despite all the negative effects of postponing games or playing in empty stadiums. Sports fans will still have a chance to watch big matches on TV, to bet on their favorite teams, and cheer from their homes. 

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