After Note 7, iPhone 7 Explosion Case has Just Surfaced! Check Images, Details Etc All Here

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It seems like Apple and Samsung are the new best friends in the block. What makes me think like that is the fact that they every now and then copy each other and then have their sue-wars. Well, according to this, they could be named frenemies, don’t you think? Apple introduced bigger displays just because Samsung did it. The iPhone is now water-resistant, something that Samsung phones have been from a very long time. But what Apple has copied from Samsung, this time, might not be beneficial to them. After a series of Note 7 explosions, it seems like the iPhone 7 is walking down the same road. Yes, iPhone 7 explosion just might be the next big thing all over the world now.

The iPhone 7 explosion story so far

iPhone 7 explosion shocks the world!

iPhone 7 explosion has shocked the whole world!

A Reddit user by the name ‘kroopthesnoop’ posted a picture of his brand new iPhone 7 that exploded.

But here is the twist in the story, it did not explode while charging or at any other random moment. It exploded when it was being transported to the owner’s house for the delivery.  The man, from Texas, USA, had ordered the new iPhone 7. When he received the package and opened it, to his surprise he found this completely messed up iPhone 7. According to him, something went seriously wrong between the factory and the delivery.

iPhone 7 explosion out of nowhere!

The rear side of the iPhone 7 that exploded.

Apple has not said anything about the matter yet. It might have something to do with the delivering agency but they also did not say anything. However, both of them will probably have a lot of things to say when the customer will ask for a replacement or a refund.

Samsung and Apple have been after each other for years now. Samsung copies Apple, Apple copies Samsung. That is how it has been for the last couple of years. But copying exploding phones just might have been a bit too much.

Following the numerous explosions of the Note 7, many airlines banned the usage of the Note 7 in airliners and asked the owners to keep them switched off for good.

Anyways, one thing that I think is important is that this is the only incident of iPhone 7 explosion so farIt is possible that only this one particular piece was defective. Maybe it was not defective at all; maybe it was the delivery system at fault. We do not know anything for sure right. But we will let you know as soon as we find out something. Stay connected!



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