Jio’s Introductory ‘Unlimited’ Offer to End on Dec 3, Claims of Free Voice Calls Were Fake!-TRAI

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Jio unlimited offer update:- Saying that Reliance Jio created ripples with its launch would be an understatement. The phrase ‘shook the whole world’ rather comes to mind. The reason behind this was the unbelievably low tariffs along with the claim of free voice calls for life. On top of everything, Jio offered all services for free to its subscribers till December 31, 2016. But according to sources inside TRAI, the free services will only last until December 3 and the free voice calls for life was just a publicity stunt.

Jio unlimited offer

TRAI has decided that the Jio unlimited offer was just a promotional offer and will end on December 3.

The sources inside the TRAI have confirmed that though Jio claims to offer lifetime free calls, they actually have no plans to do so. The plan that Jio presented to TRAI instead mention the charges for the voice call at 2 Paise per second which is even higher than what all other carriers are charging its prepaid customers.

As far as the free services till the December end are concerned, they will be cut short and the offer will end on December 3. This is because Jio claimed that the free voice calls will be free for the lifetime but the plans that they presented to TRAI says otherwise. As a result, TRAI has decided to consider the free voice offer as a promotional offer.

Some more details

Now, according to TRAI rules and regulations, such offers with no long term plans cannot last longer than 90 days. Those 90 days will end on December 3.

Jio unlimited offer

There were long queues outside Reliance stores across the country just to avail the SIM card for making use of Jio unlimited offer.

There is a clash in what Jio claims and what its plans are for the distant future. Since Jio’s proposed plan include charges for voice calls, an insider from TRAI said, “Thus we have no reason but to treat the free voice announcement as a promotional offer. This offer cannot run beyond 90 days.”

Whereas the sources the sources inside Jio say that there might have been some sort of ‘confusion’ and said that they will file fresh tariff plans to clear the air.

Jio officials ascertained that the free voice calling for the lifetime will stay even if the introductory offer ends on December 3.

It is rather obvious that attempts will be made to make sure that offer lasts as per their plans. But if it turns out that free voice calling for life was indeed just a lie to come into the limelight, things could quickly turn ugly for Jio. Stay tuned for more updates on Jio unlimited offer.



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