Male Sexuality – Problems and Solutions

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Today, for the sake of understanding male sexuality, we will discuss the most common and problematic types of men, how should they go about fixing their characters, male sexuality facts, and what to do if you are by their side. 


Who is a Gigolo? Gigolo is a man who uses a woman or her female power. He can be cute or brutal, or he can just be a couch potato. Gigolo does not necessarily run over rich women. This can be any man who sits at home. But he differs from all other men in that he uses a woman or manipulates her. In his self-image, he considers himself better than any other woman. And if he is better, then a woman owes him. He enjoys women without guilt, thinks that they must satisfy all his whims. At best, he pretends that things are difficult for him, so she should not expect anything from him or ask for anything. He can pretend that he understands her and has compassion for her problems. But this is all just a facade. After all, a man is characterized by his actions: no actions, no man. They are not ready to raise a finger to make a woman happy. The request to “screw in a light bulb” does little to encourage such a man to act. Although he does not mind a tasty meal and a cozy blanket. Gigolo has a consumer attitude towards female sexuality. Alas, in the past, a woman gave him all of herself (it could be a mother or his first love).  


The following two are completely opposite extremes. And this one is the common alpha male sexuality type. These guys see women as products on the market. Such guys aren’t interested in weddings, and if they go such lengths, they usually cheat. While such a guy may be captivating and extreme, it’s just for dating and having sex, not serious relationships. Those who behave like masters of slaves can break a woman, infringe upon her beauty and femininity. By doing so, they let everyone know that women do not exist for them. In their harsh manners, they break female nature or use it for their needs. Or else they disdain it and do not allow it into their lives, their hearts, and even into their own beds. In such cases, femininity in women dries out. A manly manliness develops into cruelty. Convinced of his strength, establishing superiority over female sexuality, he seemed to have defeated it, but in fact, he had lost the most precious thing of all. That is Love. Such hardened men look at women just as at objects, like breathing and living flashlights. They should be used for sex only; it is rare for them to consider any other type of fun, especially a mutual one. And there are no defined male and female sexuality in bed; it’s just domination, and a woman is used for the pleasure of a man. Such guys are abusive scum, and they should be avoided at all cost. Check out the following article in order to find suiting dating sites for single parents just for you. 


These are the men who forgot about their sexuality and about the existence of women. They live not with women but with men. There is no particular difference between male vs female sexuality in their case. Not to notice or not to know – for them this is the most convenient position. After all, if you become courageous, you need to automatically become strong, responsible, caring, and loving. And it is difficult because their male sexuality has not been able to reveal itself ever since childhood. Therefore, they choose to be submissive. Pushovers give the woman all the initiative in the family, sex, and life. They take out the trash when a woman says so, go to bed when she demands it. They earn little; therefore, they are forced to make stashes in order to at least somehow satisfy their childish interests. Alas, it is not interesting to live with such men, and in life with them, you will not go far. But you can go to the supermarket, they will bring the bags. Always near, always at the foot, always by your side. It often happens that they do not marry because their male sexuality has not revealed itself; these are your common basement dwellers that melt at the mere sight of a woman, and thus they abide by all the rules she wishes to establish. 



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