Signs You’ll Definitely Like Off Campus Housing

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Every student has their personal preference as to the type of housing that they like. While on-campus housing is one of the most common options, especially by first-year students, many choose to be more adventurous by choosing off-campus housing. 

Where you live in your student years is really up to you. But, here are telltale signs that you may be the type of student who would work well in an off-campus housing arrangement:

1. You Prefer A Little Bit More Privacy

Some individuals wish to have a lot more quiet time and space than others. In a campus dormitory, this can often be difficult. 

Even if you’re alone in your room, remember that you’ll have lots of school mates as well in the hall. There’s the chitchatting while walking, the jokes and yelling, the dragging of chairs to the study room down the hall, and many natural noises that can come from excited college students. Lastly, it’s also a little bit more accessible for classmates and school mates to come knocking at your door at any time.

If you’re the type who wishes for a little bit more privacy, peace, and quiet, then living off-campus might be best for you. Because you’re away from the school, it’s not all the time that you’ll see a classmate right down the hallway. And, your housing arrangements will be mixed. There might be families, professionals, the elderly, or whatever. 

This gives you more privacy away from noisy and excited college university students.

2. You Want A Longer Walk To School

While some students prefer living inside the school, so they don’t have to commute or walk far, you might be the opposite. Perhaps you love to have a pleasant walk as your form of exercise. Hence, you prefer walking to and from school.

Browse through this site here to start on possible off-campus options that are the perfect distance for you to have a nice daily walk or exercise.

3. You Prefer More Physical Space

Dormitory rooms can be pretty small. The average size of a dormitory room is still smaller than the average size of a studio apartment. If you’re a minimalist who doesn’t mind living in a small space, then you’re good with a dormitory. 

However, if you’re the type who needs more space, then off-campus living is for you. Living off-campus gives you the opportunity to have a huge bedroom at home to fit your space, have more things and furniture, or your own fridge to store your favorites, such as pre-made meals or chocolates, and ice cream for that Friday night chill.

4. You’re An Independent Soul

Living off-campus gives you more independence than on-campus housing. It’s really like getting a taste of the real world at a young age. 

While many might be frightened by this idea, you might be someone who loves independence. If you don’t mind cooking your meals, being responsible for remembering bill deadlines, or calling the plumber when something’s in trouble, then off-campus housing is suitable for you. 

If you’re craving for this sense of responsibility, then go ahead and live off-campus.

5. You Crave A Little Bit More Freedom

When you live in a dormitory, you’re usually confined to a strict schedule. There are mealtime schedules and curfew you need to adhere to. 

Depending on your personality type, you might not be one who works well with this. You may not also have been used to a curfew in high school. 

If you’re the type who loves to have a little bit more control over your time and decisions, an off-campus living type works best for you. Else, you’ll only feel too confined in a dormitory.

6. You Want To Enjoy More Amenities

Off campus housing often comes with so many more amenities compared to that of dormitories. These amenities can either come for free or form part and parcel of your membership in the apartment complex – through your dues. 

University life isn’t supposed to be all about studying. Perhaps you’ve always loved working out. In off housing apartments, there’s usually a gym or a swimming pool in the same building. 

If you’re the type who loves to balance out studying with other activities, then this is an option you’re going to love.


Off-campus isn’t a choice for many. The pros and cons of each option may be in a close battle with each other. But, the bottom line is your preference. It’s your personality type and your choice. 

If you feel like a majority of these signs apply to you, then perhaps it’s worth looking into possible off-campus housing options for you.



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