Manveer Gurjar is the Ultimate Bigg Boss 10 Winner; But Does He Deserve this More Than Bani?

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Bigg Boss 10 Winner: The more interesting season than the previous one and the most talked season of the Indian TV Reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ comes to an end with a gaga like finale night. In the end of the 10th season of Bigg Boss, Manveer Gurjar, a commoner contestant emerged as the ultimate winner of the season, leaving all the celebrity contestants behind.

Manveer Gurjar not just owned the Bigg Boss 10 winner title, but also won the cash prize of Rs 40 Lac. According to some reports, he had donated half of his prize money i.e. Rs 20 Lac for charity to Salman Khan’s NGO “Being Human.” But the question still remains the same, despite the fact that He ultimately has won millions of hearts with his honesty and innocence, Did he manages to get more votes than the most popular Bigg Boss 10 Contestant BANI?

Manveer Gurjar is the Ultimate Bigg Boss 10 Winner; But Does He Deserve this More Than Bani?

Bigg Boss 10 Winner: Did the reports about Bani getting more votes than Manveer True?

Many of the voting trend websites and people associated with the show tell a completely different story. According to them, Bani J has succeeded to get the most amount of votes i.e. more than 72 Lacs, following which Manveer gets the 55 Lac votes and Lopamudra and Manu Punjabi got 10 and 7 Lac votes respectively.(This is just a figure that came out from the close sources to the show)

So, then just because to sustain the show format and the keeping the belief of common people with the show cost Bani J the title? Or Manveer was more favourite to Salman Khan than Bani and that cost Bani the title? Many questions are coming out of the show’s outcome. However, Bigg Boss is all about the controversies and it ended with a controversy as well. This is said that Bani J has got the highest number of votes than any of the Bigg Boss contestants have ever got.

Manveer Gurjar is the Ultimate Bigg Boss 10 Winner; But Does He Deserve this More Than Bani?

The credibility of the show in questions again!

The Fair policy of Bigg Boss makers is in questions again. Manveer without any doubt was the most deserving contestant but what people wants seems doesn’t matter to the show makers. Manveer’s innocence and honesty and a connect with the common people did the job for him. And Bani J again ended with being a runner-up like the Roadies.

However, with a gaga finale night, the show comes to an and this season did the work to give the makers the last hope to keep going with the show and the experiment of the commoners and celebrities format. The reach and the TRP of the show have worked better than the previous season. So, the makers are expected to come with the same format but with a twist in the next season i.e Bigg Boss 11.



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