No Liquor Shops along all National, State Highways: Supreme Court

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No Liquor Shops along all National, State Highways: Supreme Court: The Supreme Court of India in a landmark judgment has decided for the benefit of travelers to be safe while driving on State or National Highways.

The much needed decision for the closure of Liquor Shops along the Roadways would make the travelers feel safe and secure and not worried about rash driving by drunken people.

No Liquor Shops on Roads

No Liquor Shops on Roads

No Liquor Shops :  The Judgement

Starting April 1, there will be no liquor shops on national or on state highways, the Supreme Court ordered today.

The country’s highest Court has set April 1 as the deadline to ensure all such shops on all highways are either shut down or closed permanently.

And licenses of liquor shops on highways won’t be renewed after April 1.
The top court’s order was on a public interest litigation filed by an NGO called ‘Arrive Safe’.

Last Wednesday, a Supreme Court bench comprising of  Chief Justice TS Thakur and Justices DY Chandrachud and LN Rao had said that it would try to end drunk driving on highways.

In the PIL filed by the NGO ‘Arrive SAFE’ said that 1.42 lakh people die annually in road accidents, many of which are caused by drunk driving. The NGO said the easy availability of liquor from stores on highways was a major reason for drunk driving.

No Liquor Shops

No Liquor Shops : About ArriveSAFE

ArriveSAFE is a project to preserve human life to make people get back home safe because unsafe roads can kill or maim…

We are an Indian NGO working on Road Safety and Sustainable Transportation.

We are contributing in making Indian roads safe, advocating to get the existing policies implemented, and to get rules and acts enforced. ArriveSAFE is working to get the excise policies amended and implemented to reduce available of liquor near highways.

We are also working to increase knowledge level of new road users through easy-to-understand road safety manuals, by conducting reason based awareness campaigns on key risk factors like Speeding and Drink Driving etc.



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