Tips on Knowing What Is Behind That Bloated Belly

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Ok, so you are feeling pretty bloated. You are not pregnant or put on weight? Then what is going on inside your body?

According to researchers here are the most common causes and more information.

It could be several reasons like you had a heavy meal or had something which you shouldn’t have had. Perhaps it is time for your periods. You will want to know that research shows that 70% of people suffer regularly from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), belly woes, plain old constipation, and little acid reflux.

Irritable bowel syndrome

It could happen because you have been eating a little too much for the last few days. There is nothing wrong with your bowel movements, but it just that it works often. Suddenly, you feel like going to the loo without warning. You will want to avoid whole fiber foods, which increase your bowel movements. As soon as you get up in the morning, drink a glass of water and have a cup of hot coffee, which can help you empty your stomach.

It is absolutely fine to visit the loo few times in the morning and empty what is inside.

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It is alright to send wind from the rear few times a day, 15 times to be precise, not more. Usually we all need to pass some wind few times a day, which is a good sign of digestion. However, you can do something about it, especially when travelling or when attending conferences or meetings. Avoid food items that can cause you to pass wind often like pulses, meat, and heavy foods, which take time to digest.

Coeliac disease

In this case, you have lost weight and are having severe abdominal pain. It is always best to get yourself checked in the hospital and get the tests done, in case. Once you are diagnosed and there is nothing to be worried about, then you can then start taking in all foods.

Hormonal fluctuations

It could be either you are in premenstrual stage or in the early stages of pregnancy. Usually before you get pregnant or before your period, the levels of the progesterone get raised. That can cause slow movements in your gut motility that only means you will feel constipated.

To avoid having that feeling, you will want to exercise frequently and take walks for few minutes regularly. You will also want to drink plenty of fluids and eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains which can help you avoid constipation.



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