Top five fast-vanishing locations you must visit before they disappear

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Top five fast-vanishing locations: Have you ever heard about the places that are disappearing gradually? I never heard even I never thought of them till now. But this is true as there are some places which are quite devastating since they are beautiful and rare. Regardless where they are situated, they are still places that will not be around much longer.

Here is the list of Top five fast-vanishing locations which you must see before they devastate:

Top five fast-vanishing locations you must visit before they disappear

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is renowned for its amazing beauty products that could make anyone look younger. It is one of the places which would soon disappear and you must visit there before it vanishes.  With every passing day, the sea is shrinking swiftly and within the next 50 years, it will completely disappear.  If you visit there, you will see that all hotels and resorts that previously were on the coast are a mile away from the sea lies nowadays. The high salt levels of Dead Sea beaches are widely accepted by the people for easily floating on your back and to enjoy the mesmerising view around the sea. The climate depends on the season, but during the tourist season temperature usually goes to 30 C in the summer and 40C in the summer. But, the coasts of the sea have much to offer for every age of people.



Maldives is one of the smallest Asian countries in both land area and population. It is known as the lowest nation in the world and 80% of the islands less than one meter above sea level. After 100 years Maldives could be unsuitable for living as it would be gone into the water. But, these reasons are not enough to visit as a wide range of atolls are another reason to see the place which makes it a perfect place where you can enjoy the scuba diving amid the native marine life. Apart from this, Kayaking, Cannoning, surfing and rock climbing are the major activities that you can have there.

Top five fast-vanishing locations you must visit before they disappear


Madagascar is one of the top five fast-vanishing locations in the world which is famous for its lemurs. In Madagascar, you may find 20 different species of lemurs and the 80 percent of the wildlife and plants that you can’t anywhere else all over the world. You must save the place name in your phone’s reminder that will remind you, again and again, to go once in a life. Madagascar has hardly 35 years and after that, you will lose it. If you are a peace lover, then the place is for you to embrace a simpler way of life. But if something you hear that would be the voice of birds and the waves.

Top five fast-vanishing locations you must visit before they disappear


Can you imagine over the past 100 years Venice has sunk almost 9 inches?  The local administration is trying to thwart the sinking, there is not much to be done. Scientists are estimating that in 70 years, Venice will go into the water. This is the reason why tourists have jumped dramatically since 2007. If you are fond of Italian-cuisine, then definitely you should visit Venice as the place is welcoming you with open arms with the simplicity of dishes and fresh local ingredients.

Top five fast-vanishing locations you must visit before they disappear

The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is another place to visit before it disappears.  Ocean of the place which is continuing rising its temperature and cyclones, coral bleaching and water pollution are destroying the reef every year. Experts believe that about 60 percent of the reef may by lost by 2030. So, pack your bags to see the fast vanishing place. The tropical city is full of cairns which are most likely the best thing for making a trip with your loved ones or friends. It is a great place for those who love to watch whales, dolphins and also a great chance to know other 30 different species.



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