Women’s Magnet: How to Wear a Tie to Look Stylish

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From a practical point of view, the tie is a useless accessory. However, men continue to wear it for important events, to the office, formal and semi-formal meetings. Men continue to ask how to wear a tie.

So, why did not the tie stay in the past, like a cane or a hat-cylinder?

There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. The tie gives a solid appearance in combination with the shirt and jacket. A man in a suit with a tie looks elegant and serious. Level of trust immediately increases. Such accessory effectively pulls down the collar and fills the space below it.
  2. There are not so many options to decorate the business image in the men’s wardrobe. Therefore, the tie is good at this task. Its location is favorable – during the conversation the interlocutor often looks into the face area, grabbing the cervical region. If the color, texture and fabric are matched correctly, the likelihood of producing a pleasant impression increases.
  3. Well, not the most weighty reason for the relevance of a tie but  it’s a tribute to a tradition that is quite inert.

how to Wear a Tie to Look Stylish

Common Mistakes When Wearing a Tie

If you ask yourself: “how can I wear a tie?”, read the information below attentively. One of the most common mistakes is the wrong length. About 20 years ago it was fashionable to wear pretty short ties. However, to date, the edge of the accessory should

 reach the belt. If the pants are with an overstated waist, the length of the tie should be slightly larger.

Do not need to make a massive knot if the shirt has a small collar. It is important to observe the proportions. Elegant knots are the most suitable.

Do not leave space between the knot and the collar stand. This image looks not quite neat. It is better to tie the knot tighter to avoid such effect. Then the image will be neat.

The tie should not merge with the shirt. Moreover, it is nec

essary that the patterns of shirt and tie clearly differ. Such a combination will be pleasing to the eye. Picking up a tie matching the shirt, take into account that the colors, saturation and patterns should form a harmonious composition.

Do not overdo it with brightness. Of course, there’s nothing bad about a bright tie. But you need to take several factors into account. Such a tie fits under a tanned or dark skin, otherwise it will attract more attention than your face. It is also important to be able to distinguish between stylish brightness and cheap color saturation.

The bright and clear colors look impressive. Therefore, it is better to refrain from buying such accessories. Give preference to a little muffled and lively tone. They look unobtrusively and bring a zest to the image.By the way, this is a great option if you aim at single girls dating.

If you want to learn how to wear a bow tie, remember the aforementioned rules too. Except for the first one – it applies only on wearing classical ties.

In Conclusion

How many girls would not say that they do not like the style of white collar clothing and they prefer freedom-loving cowboys in shabby jeans, leather boots and leaky hats – that’s not true. A tie is a magnet for women. They themselves admit this to each other in private conversations.

A man who knows how to choose this accessory and how to properly wear a tie causes sexual arousal in most of the fair sex. Erotic fantasies of many ladies are connected precisely to handsome dandies, in spectacular business suits with a tie.


Learn how to wear ties casually, buddy. This is a skill that will never be superfluous. Believe us.



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