Warwick Castle – Perfect for an Overnight Stay

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Because a single day simply isn’t enough

Wondering what to do next weekend? Your kids are getting bored and you are clueless. If you are looking for a place in Midlands to stay for few days or perhaps a night, then Warwick Castle is one of them. Located in the banks of the Avon, you cannot afford to miss out seeing the Midlands castle.

Here are a few things in Midlands’s castle, which are impossible to do in one day:

  • Walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End
  • Put up a shelf
  • Do not order for food when football’s starting
  • See everything at Warwick Castle

What to expect once you reach there?

The moment you arrive there, you are taken aback at the large arched gateway. Once inside you can view the state rooms, which come with the medieval themes and décor. They are sure to make you see them few times. In the evenings the medieval rhythms are tastefully presented which make you learn more about Warwick.

Overnight Stay

Archery classes are taken there by a teacher who can fearlessly shoot arrows across the river. The Dungeon Experience is another activity which you can do with your family, where outrageous acting, disorientation, and special effects are provided. The ramparts and towers which are located many hundred feet above the river, make you admire the views.

You also have the Great Hall and the state rooms which come with weird lifelike wax figures which help you understand Warwick’s history, ideal for history lovers.

What about the accommodation?

The Knight’s Village accommodation is few 100 yards from the banks of the Avon. A total of 32 wooden lodges are present here, with some of them being single-storied where five individuals can sleep, and few come split-level, to accommodate seven. They come with double beds and bunks which are comfortable, wet room and toilet which are in a medieval style.

There is a complimentary archery and sword-fighting, you can head down to the Great Hall for entertainment and food.

On the whole it is a fun vacation and educational trip.

It is close to J15 on the M40 and you cannot miss it.



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