First Man to South Pole Roald Amundsen Facts : 106th Anniversary

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 The first expedition to reach the geographic South Pole was led by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. He and four others arrived at the pole on 14 December 1911.

Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen

He became famous in the world since he was the first man to visit the South Pole.

Roald Amundsen Facts

Roald Amundsen Facts No.1

He became the first man to reach the South Pole, and also the man who journeyed both the Poles.

Roald Amundsen Facts No.2

When he was 14 years old, his father died. He worked in a shipping industry, thus the infatuation with ships. Amundsen also had three siblings.

Roald Amundsen Facts No.3

Amundsen always dreamt of becoming an explorer. But his mother wanted him to become a doctor. When he was 21 years old, his mother passed away.

Roald Amundsen Facts No.4

After his mother’s death, he began following his vision to become an explorer. He left school to pursue his dream. He started enlisting as a crew member on different ships to travel The Arctic.

Roald Amundsen Facts : Amundsen Map

Roald Amundsen Facts : Amundsen Map

Roald Amundsen Facts No.5

Belgica was a name of the ship that he was first mate in 1887. During the expedition in the Arctic, he learned many valuable lessons as to how to survive in the rough weather of the Arctic. He realized that animal skin was more useful to keep the body warm rather than using wool clothing. To cure scurvy, the fresh seal meat was useful for it contained a lot of vitamin C.

Roald Amundsen Facts No.6

His first expedition was with a ship named Gjoa. He led his first expedition in 1903. He took the credit as the first person who discovered the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean. Traveled the North Pole. It was a great achievement for him to discover the passage since many people had tried searching it earlier.

Roald Amundsen Facts : The Maud

Roald Amundsen Facts : The Maud

Roald Amundsen Facts No.7

He decided to reach the South Pole after Robert Peary claimed that he had already gone to the North Pole. Therefore, Amundsen changed his direction from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Roald Amundsen Facts No.8

He was in a race with Robert Scott who also wanted to reach the South Pole.

Roald Amundsen Facts No.9

The arrival of the ship was due on 20th October 1911 after a 10 month journey. The expedition involved 52 dogs, four sleds and 5 men.

Roald Amundsen Facts No.10

The Norwegian Flag was lodged at South Pole on 14 December 1911 and the polar plateau got the name “King Haakon VII’s”




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