Bigg Boss Season 11 : Grand Opening Episode

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Behold! the biggest Masala Show of Television is back again. And let us tell you the show is certainly back with a bang! And this time it is positioned as “Bigg Boss Season Gyarah… Jahan Padosi bajayenge Barah”. What a theme! If you are From India you probably are very familiar with the term “Nosy Neighbours”. And Bigg Boss season 11 has four of them. We Indians can certainly relate to this “problem”. So what could have been better than putting the biggest social, we would not call it a Issue but let’s call it a topic positioned as a theme for the most controversial show of the nation. Smart! Isn’t it? As suggested, the show was grand and 14 in house contestants and 4 Padosis, making a total 18 contestants were introduced. Let’s just quickly go through what all happened in the episode.

Salman’s entry was funny and in its own way amazing as Salman was just being Salman. He entered the stage on Bicycle from “Being Human” and while riding he was saying “ Sab kuch Badal Gaya hai! Mai suit pehen kar Bina Paddle maare cycle chala raha hu, dekho sab kuch kitna badal gaya hai” was funny in his own ways (Salman Ishtyle). Salman also Compared Bigg Boss as Wives by saying “Jyada farak nahi hai, Ye BB hai or Ghar pe Biwi hai” and ended the statement with “jab kahegi tab utho, Jab kahegi tab so, Jo degi woe khana padega…”

Salman also chuckled while addressing the Audience about contestants of Last Year Show by saying, “ Koe kisi aur show me HIT gaya or Koe har jageh PIT gaya” Although bears an uncanny reference to Swami OM who got bashed several times by public. If you are a BB fan you’d certainly know the story of clashes between Salman and Swami OM.

Salman also in a funny way told the audience that maintaining and getting TV ratings are very tough to get by saying “Box Office me or TV ratings me bahut farak hai. Acchi TV ratings k liye khud ko bechna padta hai” and he again made it even funnier by mentioning few stars of Bollywood saying “Mere jo Padosi hain, Jaise Shah Rukh, Amir, sabko karna Padta hai, Shah Rukh bhi TV Karte hain Amir Ka bhi jab mann hota hai TV pe aane ka ek do saal me to wo bhi aate hain, Or Akshay to Pregnant ho gya!” referring to the recent Promo shoot done for Laughter Challenge by Akshay where Akshay is seen Pregnant.

He also told every other TV show in his own way that BIgg Boss Followers’ population has increased from ever and it doesn’t requires “nasbandi”.

The Actor took a jeer on Colors (Hosting Channel) too by saying that Colors is promoting everywhere that they are paying Salman 11 Crores per day but they are actually not. He referred to the situation (laughing) as “nichod rahe hain colors wale”.

Salman was happy that for the first time people are now asking him a different question than “when’s he getting married” to “Bigg Boss Karoge” and replied to everyone by Saying “Kar raha hu dekho! Season 11 ke pehle episode me”.

This was followed by a performance on 3 of Salman’s songs but with changed Lyrics:

  1. Didi Tera Dewar Deewana – “bigg boss ka har season hai Purana, Bhul Ja ab naya hai Dikhana”
  2. Mere Rang Mein Rangne wali – “ Naye Ghar mein basne wale, mere changul me fasne wale, ronewale, hasnewale… har ek weekend pe jawaab do… do na!!!”
  3. Hangover – “ jane kab shuru hua… bigg boss season gyarah, aane wale hain padosi bajane sabke barah”

Which ended up showing out-focused clips of the Participants who would be the Padosis.

 Let’s quickly go through the Contestants which were introduced to the Fans of Bigg Boss. First the Contestants and then the Padosis at the end.

Bigg Boss Season 11 Contestants List

Contestant 1:   

Hiten Tejwani, came on stage with his wife and 2 kids to enter the BB house.

bigg boss 11 contestant hiten tejwani


Contestant 2:  Akaash Dadlani aka A-cash, a rapper from USA who has worked with Meet Bros in Chitiya Kalayiya Rap “ You’re my Darling Angel baby”. Akaash or A-cash which what he likes to call himself was the first contestant to enter Bigg Boss house even before Hiten Tejwani. When Hiten entered the house A-cash was already in the house but in the Kaal Kothri. Kaal Kothri being the newest spot in the BB house.

Akash-Dadlani bigg boss 11 contestant

Contestant 3:  Sapna Chaudhary, a renowned dancer from Haryana. Sapna is very Famous on the Social media platform and is also well known for causing controversies everywhere she goes. Surely a BB pick!


Contestant 4:  Shivani Durga. A Sadhvi from Mumbai who has 3 degrees in tantric vidya has come to reclaim the true meaning of being a Baba which was ruined last season by Swami Om.

Shivani Durga Sadhvi Bigg Boss 11

Contestant 5:  Priyank Sharma from Splitsvilla made an entry by a sensational performance with the 6th Contestant, Benafsha. Priyank was looking all Buffed and Salman even took a jeer on Priyank referring an Accessory that he was wearing on his jeans by saying “ye Kya! Underwear hai? Jaisa Superman Pehenta hai?”

Priyank-Sharma-bigg boss 11

Contestant 6:  Benafsha or Ben as she would call it as a short name, understandably! Made an entry with Priyank and her performance no less than ravishing!

Benafsha or Ben bigg boss 11


Contestant 7:  Jyoti Kumari from Bihar. She was the first commoner to be introduced for this season. She may be from a small town but her dreams are big! She was very simple in her ways and would be an exciting personality to watch on Bigg Boss Season 11.  She was also the only contestant introduced by Varun Dhawan who came to Promote Judwaa 2.

Jyoti Kumari bigg boss 11

Contestant 8: Bandgi Kalra. A software engineer from Delhi. Bandgi was introduced along with the 9th contestant in another new Spot of Bigg Boss house which is the Sultan Akhada.

Bandgi Kalra bigg boss 11 

Contestant 9: Arshi Khan, Actor/Model from Thane said “Mujhe aag lagane ka Shouk hai” a pretty bold tagline to give the first impression.

Arshi Khan bigg boss 11


Contestant 10:  Hina Khan, Actor/Model from the Television. Hina Shah recently completed the Latest season of Khatron Ke Khiladi as a runner up and is back again on Colors as Bigg Boss Season 11 Contestant.



Contestant 11: Puneesh Sharma from Delhi is a Construction business Owner and is also a Investor in Clubs. Puneesh entered the show with a tagline “Hukumat karne aya hu”. Let’s see how that stands further in  the season.

 punesh sharma bigg boss 11

Contestant 12:  Zubair Khan from Mumbai. It has been told that he had connection with the underworld because of which he is now separated from his kids and wife. A sad story but with a message of not to mess with him.



Contestant 13: Our Very own Bhabiji from Bhabi ji ghar par hain. Shilpa Shinde was the 13th Contestant in the Bigg boss House who entered the House with Vikas gupta, the 14th Contestant. They share a history of conflict over the show and the masala was seen right at the stage while entering the Bigg Boss house when they started accusing each other for the wrongs they did.

Shilpa Shinde bigg boss 11


Contestant 14: Vikas Gupta, Channel head from the same channel Bhabiji is aired upon is the 14th member of the house.



Now Let’s get to know the Padosis of the house.

Padosi 1:  Sabyasachi Satpathy from Pune. The Contestant introduced as “seedha rahoge to accha or tedha rahoge to or bhi accha” is set on the top of his game. The contestant looks ready for the Season as a Nosy Neighbour.

Sabyasachi Satpathy


Padosi 2: Luv Tyagi from Gurgaon is the second padosi and was seen asking the most questions to the Contestants on Bigg boss “Fit Hain ya Nahi” rounds or in other words the nosiest of the neighbour.



Padosi 3:  Mehjabi Siddiqui. A commoner from Delhi is told by herself as an Anaconda “jiske andar bahut jeher hai”.



Padosi 4: Lucinda Nicholas is the 4th Padosi in the House. She didn’t say much but just introduced herself as “I am not just a pretty Face”


All in all, Bigg Boss Team has put together some interesting Contestants along with the most controversial theme of a padosi. And we will soon find out exactly how Nosy the Neighbours are? And taking into consideration of what happened between Shilpa and Vikas on Stage with Salman has given us a clue about how interesting the season is going to be even before starting. The Season looks full of entertainment and Entertainers and would be interesting to see how the wheel of time turns through the season.



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