Enter new tool for newbie: Handy Linux

Posted on by Bunty

Handy Linux has come out with handy Linux its new weapon in its arsenal. It is quite a simplified version to use the Linux operating system on desktop. The Handy Linux surfaced at around three years ago, however in June the latest version was released.

The developers have made it easy to remove the layers of Handy Linux to reveal the more standard Linux environments which the users can learn. The users who do not need the IT installation tools included in the initial installation can delete them using Handy2Ddebian app from Handy’s main menu.

Handy Linux is a standard Debian based OS which is light and shows some mix of Xfce desktop ecosystem. The remixed desktop is the signature mark for the Handy Linux.

It comes with custom made start menu which features apps and internet bookmarks in grouped manner.

When the Newbie’s are familiar with the Handy Linux they can easily switch to more standard Linux menus also keeping the standard Linux environment standard as supported by Xface.

Handy Linux does not have the graphics effects however the Xface setting helps to remix the desktop appearance for convenient options along with functionalities.

The June release of Handy Linux features updated system tools, some border and theme displays. Users having earlier versions of Linux can upgrade to this latest version without the help of package management repository as it gets automatically updated during system update process.

The Handy Linux was intended originally for French user and English was added later hence it needs some polishing to be done.



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