How to win money with little investments

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Watching your team play comes with a plethora of emotions. Whether the game ends in a win or a loss, the spirit of the game is usually accompanied by a blend of adrenaline and maybe even some goosebumps. More often, we cry, we celebrate, and we hate our rivals as every second of the game unfolds. Watching a live match is exhilarating, but it gets even more hysterical if some form of stake is involved.

Unraveled below are pointers to making sizeable wins with little backing when you make an investment on your team. 

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Big scores are a terrible way to bet

You would be happy if an odd promising you a 10x or even 100x win on your investment would come true. You would make lots of profit that could also earn you a fortune. However, despite big scores promising deep pockets, they pose more significant risks. The chances of making a win with multi bets are slim and a considerable advantage to the bookmaker. 

Unless you are perfect at analysis, embrace a low odds strategy that comes with lesser risks but consistent returns. 

Diversify your portfolio

The betting menu from most bookmakers offers more than a dozen sports with Freebets that you can consider to include as part of your investment portfolio. Being a football diehard should not necessarily fixate you to investing in soccer alone. Be open to basketball, rugby, MotoGP, among a plethora of other sports. 

Branching out your portfolio not only mitigates your risks as an investor but also promises more entertainment from other ventures. 

Put faith in data and statistics

Flexibility and a keen eye for details are the most critical virtues when discussing matters data and statistics. For instance, if a team has been consistently making wins throughout the seasons, then superficial statistics indicate that they could be your ultimate weapon against the bookmaker. 

However, do not be too biased towards the giants. There could be other teams that received a bad reputation from losing a few matches but are still performing well despite their unpopularity. Avoid dwelling too much on the past.  Instead, focus on in-depth analysis, which serves an eye-opener to better opportunities. 

Understand your bookmaker

Bookmakers are out to make huge profits while minimizing losses, hence will tend to reflect what the majority of investors expect to influence their decisions. As a smart staker, always try to find value by understanding how your bookmaker works. If the bookie goes with the majority’s opinion, which is sometimes wrong, be counter-intuitive and walk the opposite direction. If they sometimes let their customers win, then you have to identify and leverage on such moments. 

Think long term

Any form of investments, including betting, do not offer overnight success. You, therefore, have to think long term as you embrace persistence and patience to see your little investments grow. Plan on how you are going to ease your investment experience through proper analysis and diversification. Furthermore, thinking long-term also means knowing when to quit a particular investment in your portfolio.  



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