Mark Zuckerberg: The God of Donation donated $95 million

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Mark Zuckerberg, the name is quite famous around the world. We believe, in today’s technology age there would be hardly a single person who is not familiar with this popular name.

He remains in the current affairs because of two purposes. One, because of the social site Facebook and he are the origin of it. Second, because of the donation, he makes frequently.

Mark Zuckerberg: The God of Donation continues…………$95 million donation.

Mark Zuckerberg: latest activity

He is famous, popular father and married to a beautiful lady Chan. Along with all the mentioned achievements, he is also known as a person of the kind heart.

His recent activity of good deed has put him back in the news. Mark is popular for giving away the huge amount of money as a donation to the needy one. Most recently he has donated worth $95 millions of Facebook stock.

This courage full act has been appreciated by many around the world. Earlier, he also has donated millions of his money for the needy ones.

Mark Zuckerberg: The God of Donation continues…………$95 million donation.

Mark Zuckerberg: Who will take advantage of it?

Yes, this is a fact that mark is money giving away nature of the person. But to whom the benefit will be taken. Clearing all the doubts the officials has announced that all the people underprivileged will get an opportunity to take most out of it.

It has been a dream project for the couple Chan and Mark to see the world on equality. There should not be any discrepancies among the human race.

He believes that the only purpose of giving away his money his to put the world under one shelter. He also stated that if this will happen in upcoming future then he will consider himself the most fortunate person on the entire earth.

Mark Zuckerberg stock of Facebook has been rise with an immediate effect of this donation and the pundits are predicting it will reach the heights of peak also.



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