4 Movies About College Life on Netflix

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

College life offers rich fodder for moviemakers. The dramatic life in college feels like a natural script for blockbusters. Movie makers have taken the cue and provided some of the best movies about college life. 


Netflix offers an excellent opportunity to stream the movies on your phone, laptop, or television. The storylines are interesting and come with memorable life lessons for college students. Movies are also an opportunity to relax after spending the entire day sited in the lecture halls. 

Here are excellent movies about college life available on Netflix. 

  1. Step Sisters

College comes with numerous opportunities to win or lose. Losing is never in the equation and those who lose have to fight to the last second. They also look forward to an opportunity to redeem their reputation. Step Sisters is about girls who have to win dancing competitions to maintain the reputation of their sorority. Professional online college homework help gets you to create time for an exciting college experience.

The movie is about Jamillah, a college girl who has received her admission letter. She wants to join Harvard Law but there is an unsettled business. She has a group of girls that has to win a dance competition. Unfortunately, many of these girls cannot dance. If this is allowed to continue, it will tarnish her image, that of the sorority, and the entire college. 

While she is a natural leader, she has to compete with egos in the sorority. Some of her friends have to fit into the competitive mindset or leave. It is interesting to see girls, each driven by a different desire coming together in the name of winning a dance. Skepticism from the college fraternity does not help. How will the group fair? Watch the movie and experience the adrenaline in one of the simplest storylines. 

  1. Freshman Year

Every college student has a unique story about their freshman year. It defines your college experience, social life, and career path. It comes with numerous opportunities to learn through mistakes and achievements. 

Freshman Year is about CJ, a basketball player, and son of a preacher. All CJ has known is a protective family and Christian bubble. However, the college has taken him away from such security. Starting life alone is never easy for college students who have depended on their parents since childhood. 

CJ meets Marcella, a first-generation college student. How will their relationship grow considering the strict religious upbringing CJ has known since childhood? It is one of the most interesting movies on college relationships and the backgrounds some of the students come from. 

  1. The New Romantic 

Blake Conway is nearing graduation. She looks forward to a rewarding journalism career considering her focus on education through the years. However, there is a problem. 

Blake has no boyfriend. She also faces a bleak financial future because of student loans. It is a terrifying combination and experience. What should she do? 

She finds an opportunity to pay off her student loan through a grant. However, she has to win with the best story. She decides to document her life as a sugar baby. Will she win anyone’s heart with an excellent presentation? What about the money to pay her loan? 

  1. 6-years 

Melanie and Dan have been in a relationship for 6 years. However, it is not time to graduate. Each is headed to a different career path and chapter in life. The once easy-going relationship is about to experience its worst crisis. Will it survive? 

Streaming movies help you to choose your best stories instead of following television programming. Netflix has some of the most memorable stories about college life. Enjoy the movies while you relax the body and mind after a long day in class to enhance your college experience.



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