Kaabil Release Date: Kaabil Raees Clash Now Has A New Twist!!

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Kaabil release date:  To avert the clash, Rakesh Roshan had earlier made it clear that he and his distributors have decided to release Kaabil on 25th January evening (shows slotted from 6 pm onwards). Following that, SRK had also changed the Raees release date to 25th January but, he cleverly took the morning slot.

Both SRK and Rakesh Roshan have spoken at length about the impending clash but, Hrithik had maintained the stoic silence on the subject so far.


But yesterday Hrithik has gone vocal about the clash “It’s not illegal or unethical so it’s fine. But it is sad and quite an eye opener that although Hollywood and Bollywood share the same calendar but you will never see ‘Batman’ movies clashing with ‘Superman’ films or Lord of the Rings clashing with Harry Potter. They manage their calendars so well that two movies will never clash. They are aware that that is best for the industry, because when two films release on the same day, the returns for the industry fall a lot.”

Kaabil release date: Roshan’s shifts Kaabil release to Morning Slot!!

He added, “Hopefully, both films will do well, but on the whole, it will be a loss of about 100 crores for the industry as compared to both films releasing individually. My father understands that and he was sad about that, and he thinks that it could have been managed in a better way.”


Raees is a gangster drama starring Shah Rukh Khan as Raees Alam, a Gujrati based gangster whose business is challenged by a cop played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, where Kaabil is a revenge thriller starring Hrithik Roshan as a blind man avenging his wife’s rape and murder.

The hours’ window between the two films won’t be happening now. It remains to be seen which film will emerge as the winner once both film releases.



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