Ola Electric Scooter Booking Status, Online Registration & Delivery Detail

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Online booking and registration for the Ola electric scooters S1 and S1 Pro began on August 15th. The OLA firm chose Republic Day as the launch date for their first electric scooter. Ola claims that in the next few years, they will take 50% of the market in the two-wheeler segment. Prior to the launch of this Ola Electric Scooter, there was already a high demand for bookings or reservations. However, it has been noted that over 1 lakh customers have made reservations for the Ola Electric Scooter.

OLA Electric Scooter

Booking Status of OLA Electric Scooters:

Online booking for Ola Electric Scooters has already commenced at olaelectic.com. Ola has made it possible to hire an electric scooter through a reservation system. The corporation wants to recruit as many customers as possible. Within 24 hours, one lakh reservations had been made.

The buyer has the option of booking an Ola electric scooter using the company’s official website or visiting an Ola electric scooter showroom nearby. You can also look for an Ola electric scooter showroom near me on Google. Then Google will present you with a variety of options. Visit your local showroom and take an Ola E scooter for a spin. Select whether you want to buy the S1 or the S1 Pro model.

The Ola Electric Scooter registration process has been made as simple and painless as possible so that anyone may book one. Ola will set up a manufacturing unit in response to technological advancements, which will create a huge number of electric scooters in both their first and second phases.

How To Book an OLA Electric Scooter Online?

People have also reacted well to this offer because of its benefits. So make a reservation for your Ola Electric Scooter before it’s too late. You can follow these steps to book your scooter online:

  • To begin, go to the Ola Electric Scooters official website to make a reservation.
  • Then, on the first page, you’ll notice a field where you can enter your phone number.
  • Now, on the next screen, click the Next button.
  • After that enter the one-time password (OTP) that was provided to your phone number. Then press the Next button once again.
  • Second, fill in your full name and email address. then select the Next option.
  • So, on this screen, you can see the payment option for 499 Rupees.
  • Choose the most convenient payment method for you. Debit/credit cards, UPI method, and Net Banking are just a few examples.
  • Then, in the form field, fill in all of the required details and information.
  • After that select the color and model type.
  • Last but not least, press the submit button. After that, your Ola Electric Scooter reservation is complete.

Features of OLA Electric Scooters:

To begin with, the product design is sleek, and it includes metallic, matte, and pastel colours, all of which are popular today. A total of 1 lakh charging points have been installed across 400 cities in India. These charging stations can also charge scooters in 10 minutes, allowing them to travel 75 kilometres.

Ola Electric Scooter costs range from 85 thousand to one lakh rupees. Because the corporation intends to cover 50% of the market with two-wheelers.

Furthermore, the Ola Electric Scooter comes in a variety of hues, including Red, Pink, Black, Green, Light Blue, White, Yellow, and others. The overall colour is available in ten different electric scooter models. At the time of booking, customers can choose the colour of their Ola Electric Scooter.

Features OLA Electric Scooter
  • Ola Scooters have developed a battery that is both light and quick to charge.
  • There are several designs and colors that can entice you to buy this scooter.
  • Ola has improved the suspension and added fantastic disc brakes.
  • More Space with a Sleek Design

Delivery Details:

The availability of Ola electric scooters will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. With each passing day, the slots are quickly filling up. Those who want to get their hands on an Ola scooter as soon as possible must book it online.

The deliveries would be made by ANI technologies Private Limited in October. Ola S1 Electric Scooter and Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter will both be on Indian roads shortly, thanks to their many benefits and fascinating features.



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