Oracle MUST PAY HP $3 Billion as Damages

Posted on by Bunty

In a recent judgment that was passed by the Californian Jury, Oracle must pay $3 billion in damages to HP. Well this is not the first time we’re seeing the two companies fighting each other. Time and again, this has happened but this time, it seems like it’s going to cost Oracle a fortune.

Oracle has been asked to pay HP the huge amount for breaching their contract which was related to HP‘s server. Back in 2011, Oracle stopped developing software to be used along with HP’s Itanium-based servers. Oracle claims, that Intel had cleared that chip was nearing its death and shifting its attention towards x86 microprocessor.

HP on the other hand claimed that they had an agreement with Oracle that promised support for Itanium-based servers would carry on. If it stopped, the equipment using the chip would become useless.

The trial has been going on since then, and in its first phase i.e. in 2012, Santa Clara Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg passed his judgment about the presence of a contract. It was only the damage amount that was declared in the judgment this week. So, it all took 4 years to settle past the first phase.

While HP is really happy about the judgment and why shouldn’t it be, Oracle on the other hand says that it is probably going to apple against both the judgments. The first one about the contract existing and the second about the damaged that Oracle must pay.

Reminds us of 2010, back when HP sued it’s former CEO for being the co-president at Oracle.



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