What you should know about Growth Hormone

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Growth hormones are highly abused by people who want to have better-looking body features. The abuse is usually twofold. Some abuse growth hormones through overuse, while some people go for cheap, low-quality growth hormones that are not approved by the relevant authorities. Both pose a risk of health complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, among other avoidable medical complications. To help you stay on the safe side, here is what you should know about growth hormone production. 

  1. Your body naturally produces growth hormones

Your body has an organ called the anterior pituitary gland whose function is to release growth hormones into your bloodstream. In children, growth hormones are released to help promote growth, while in adults, the hormone helps maintain body structure. In a normal human, the hormone is well regulated to match the body’s needs. However, in people who have hormonal imbalances, too much, or too little of it is produced. When too much of it is produced, one can develop swellings on the hands, legs, and face. It can also lead to heart disease and other complications. On the other hand, if the body is producing too little of it, adults stand an increased risk of heart disease. In children, it can increase the risk of stunted growth, and general body weakness. It is only when one has low growth hormone production that they should consider taking growth hormones. However, before you rush to buy them, make sure that the product is safe for use. One way to ensure safety is to check out for brands that have a good consumer reputation. It’s usually a good indicator that they have been tested and proven to work with no adverse side effects. One brand that has a good reputation in the market is Wilson supplements. They have a good customer reputation and you are unlikely to go wrong if you buy their growth hormones.

2. The causes of low growth hormone production vary in children and adults

In children, a deficiency in growth hormones is usually caused by a failure of the hypothalamus. When the hypothalamus fails, it triggers a chain reaction that leads to the pituitary gland producing low levels of growth hormones. In adults, the problem can be linked to the failure of both the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. This failure can be attributed to tumors, among other causes, that range from stroke to head injury. As such, before an adult takes growth hormones, it is important to first get to the root of the issue. If there is a tumor, it would be best to have it removed, depending on the size and its impact. Failure to do so could lead to fatal complications. For instance, if the tumor is cancerous, then not having it checked out could lead to the cancer spread and death. However, if after a checkup you find that a tumor is not the cause of low growth hormone production, then you can go ahead and take growth hormones. It will get your hormone levels back to normal and give you the look that you desire. 



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