Google And Dashlane Came up with an Open Source API, YOLO

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Google And Dashlane Came up with an Open Source API, YOLO:- Many people face the problem of forgetting their passwords and remembering them. For resolving this problem, the Google is working with the password manager Dashlane. The project is currently working on the Android users and it will help the users to log into the apps easily and safely by the medium of high security being provided. This amazing Open Source API is YOLO which means “you only log in once.”

This software will work best for the people who always forget their passwords and face problems. The same service can also be provided by top companies including Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password and Roboform, etc. There are multiple password manager that will help you to get out of the problem of remembering your password, but which one is the best option is still a question for the users.

Here’s the YOLO comes with all the answers of your questions. It provides the user a single login process to follow besides which password manager you may choose.

Google And Dashlane Came up with an Open Source API, YOLO

google and dashlane, YOLO

The Open YOLO is a open source API offering the app developers with the choice to choose any of the password managers in it. Any developer from various password managers can come up with their technology so that the API can be the best. Many top password managers are involved in the project or are becoming a part of it.

The main aim of the YOLO is to provide the project as simple as possible so that the best security options can be provided. According to the latest update, the Google will approve the API by September. The Open YOLO is still working on creating a login process for Android apps and will very soon achieve their target. The API is implemented universally by apps and password managers compatible for all platforms and operating system.

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