Facebook to Globally Launch ‘Facebook At Work’ in October

Posted on by Amandeep Singh

Facebook, the Social media giant is further planning to expand its business and was looking for the possibilities to expand in the enterprise fields as well. And now the latest reports are suggesting that the Company  is set to launch its enterprise communication and collaboration network “Facebook At Work” globally in a few weeks, most probably in October.

Facebook to Globally Launch 'Facebook At Work' in October

What is Facebook at Work?

“Facebook At Work” is a platform where subscribers can use the product’s special Work Feed of posts from colleagues to exchange ideas and assume tasks.  And if the reports are to be believed,  “Facebook At Work” will also offer Groups as well as Messenger, which includes audio and video calling options that could compete with Slack and Skype. Plus it provides the social network’s profiles, Events and Live video features.

This launch will be done on a per-seat pricing model for businesses to make it easier for employees to exchange ideas easily.

Facebook to Globally Launch 'Facebook At Work' in October

Facebook At Work” director Julien Codorniou

Tech Crunch quoted “Facebook At Work” director Julien Codorniou as saying that “Facebook believes it can keep individual employees engaged with the product, so it is betting on a pricing plan that charges companies per monthly active user instead of charging a flat rate per company.” 

According to the report, Facebook will launch integrations or partnerships with other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool providers making it lucrative for Facebook to get every single member of a company signed up.

Facebook to Globally Launch 'Facebook At Work' in October

The product has been in the making since 2014 and the first tests were officially unveiled in 2015.

As far as pricing is concerned, the exact figures for “Facebook At Work” have not been announced but the 400-plus beta testers, who have been testing the product for a while will get a few additional months of comped subscriptions to test it out.

Since then, Facebook has been busy signing up huge international customers like the 100,000-employee Royal Bank Of Scotland, the report added.



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