High Dose Radiation on Low-Risk Prostate Cancer is extremely harmful

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Expert says that high dose of radiation may not be beneficial on low-risk prostate cancer. According to a researcher at Thomas Jefferson University’s Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Dr. Robert Den mentioned that it was often thought with high radiation in oncology technique and if the highest dose of radiation a body can tolerate will be the best way to kill the prostate cancer but the result somewhat turns to different.

As per the result says, that it is not the way to treat cancer patient not at least with the low-risk prostate cancer patient.

According to Dr. Den the researcher have viewed 12 studies on external-beam radiation treatment for prostate cancer upon 6,800 patients. And this type of treatment result to drop in prostate specific antigen (PSA), this is used for monitoring prostate cancer.

The higher doses of radiation do not lead to lowering the rates of prostate cancer spreading to other parts of the body or higher survival rates over the long term.This research and study can be found in American Journal of Clinical Oncology recently.

According to Adam Dicker, the chairman of radiation 0ncology have said that it is important to check our assumptions, the overall study tells us that the PSA test is not much benefit for the patients as the researcher expected.

But the study has put forward for the implications for any design of future clinical trials and also an interpretation of current and previous studies, Adam added.

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